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About us

Popescu Finta is a Romanian transport company offering transport services to its customers at an excellent quality standard.With our help our clients have ensured an active and strong presence in the already established or even emerging markets. We know and monitor daily our domain market and that is why it is crucial for us to achieve the goals proposed by all parties involved in the business.

In other words, the interest of the client is the same as our interest. Through its extensive connections throughout the European Union, POPESCU FINTA has developed an extensive network of facilities and collaboration opportunities, with the specific purpose of continuous business growth at an international level. These connections prove to be major assets in business logistics promotion at national and, above all, international level.

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Istoricul nostru

Our history


Compania a fost înființată în anul 2000 sub denumirea de S.C. AVALTRANS S.R.L. avand sediul în Municipiul Brăila.

The company was founded in 2000 under the name S.C. AVALTRANS S.R.L. having its headquarters in Braila.


Între 2000-2006 compania a funcționat cu specific de transport mărfuri generale (intern și internațional), transport mărfuri de grupaj și transport textile (pe umerașe).

Between 2000-2006, the company worked with general freight forwarding (domestic and international), groupage goods transport and textile transport (on hanger).


În anul 2006 societatea își schimbă denumirea și sediul, devenind S.C. POPESCU FINTA S.R.L., cu sediul în Mun. Salonta, Jud. Bihor.

In 2006, the company changed its name and headquarters, becoming S.C. POPESCU FINTA S.R.L., based in Mun. Salonta, Jud. Bihor.


Detinem in proprietate o flota moderna de autotrenuri si autoutilitare.

We own a modern fleet of tractors and vans.

Clientii nostri

Our clients

Suntem adepții parteneriatelor de lungă durată. Cel mai vechi client colaborează cu noi de peste 12 ani, în timp ce aproape 90 % din clienți au un minim de 7 ani de colaborare.

We are the followers of long-lasting partnerships. The oldest client has been working with us for over 12 years, while nearly 90% of clients have a minimum of 7 years of collaboration.

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